Monday, April 25, 2022

Ukraine Refugee Project

 Good Day SKT School Community,

To support the Ukrainian refugee families coming to Canada, our school council will be collecting items to prepare welcome kits for the families joining our community.

We ask that each child bring in one item from the list below (if possible). These items will be collected in your children’s classrooms between May 2-20, 2022, put into 400 school donated backpacks and delivered in the weeks following to refugee support groups/families in need. Thank you for your participation.

Please note: to save space I have grouped items of like nature together but it is not necessary to get more than 1 item from these groups. Example: Hairbrush, comb, hair elastics –  just choose one of these.


Recipe card with a recipe for a comforting meal (optional-  dry ingredients included)

Postcards with international stamps.

1 box Maple Cream ( Maple Leaf) cookies/small box of chocolates

Toothbrush/dental floss

Handwritten welcoming letter to newcomers/hand drawn picture

Digital clock

Small bottle of maple syrup/small jar local honey

Travel size toiletries/locally made soap

Pack of pencils/sharpener/pens/markers/coloured pencils/crayons/stationery

Hand cream/lip chap stick/Tylenol/Advil

Hairbrush/comb/hair elastics

Pillowcase/washcloth/hand towel

Candle/small flashlight with batteries

Envelope of seeds to plant

Sidewalk chalk/bubbles/pack of balloons/pack of stickers

Hat/felt gloves/pair of warm socks

Gift cards to stores in Orleans


Reusable water bottle

Monday, April 4, 2022

April 2022 Agenda

Pizza Days are back!

Dear St. Kateri Families,
SKT School Council will be hosting a Pizza Day Fundraiser running 10 consecutive Wednesdays starting Wednesday, April 20 up to and including Wednesday, June 22. You may choose from 1 or 2 slices of cheese or pepperoni pizza for 10 consecutive Wednesday lunches for $30 for 1 or $60 for 2 slices. It is currently available for purchase on School Cash Online.
Please note: due to the high risk of cross-contamination, we are unable to offer a gluten-free option.
Please go to School Cash Online and sign up by our deadline of Tuesday, April 12. Thank you,

SKT School Council